The Travis, Fitzmaurice team goal is to
provide the highest quality, service-
oriented electrical design that exceeds
our clients’ expectations.  Our
experience shows that no two projects
are ever exactly alike.  Therefore, our
project design philosophy begins with a
complete understanding of our client’s
special requirements.  This is
accomplished through extensive  
meetings with the owners and
architects to gather the information
necessary to design the electrical
options that will be presented.

Our firm assigns a principal to the project
who will be involved on a daily basis and
will see the project through from beginning
to end.  The size of our firm allows us to
provide direct principal involvement.  Our
experience in such a wide array of projects
gives us a solid understanding of the
staffing requirements and we staff each
project accordingly to ensure all deadlines
are earlier phases create the foundation on
which the design is built.


We provide architecture-enhancing lighting
design; communications systems (including
computer telephony, WAN/LAN, television,
intercom, and sound... ect.), power generation
and distribution, controls, fire alarm design
and LEED Design.

Travis, Fitzmaurice & Associates, Inc. offers
quality control, analysis, supervision, planning
and investigating electrical services.
Travis, Fitzmaurice & Associates, Inc.
Electrical Engineers

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